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Daily Dose

Daily Dose is redefining pharmacy providing easier ways to manage medication.

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The Future of Pharmacy

The way patients are consuming healthcare services is rapidly changing and its delivery models are evolving it with it. Digital first pharmacies are improving patient outcomes and increasing accessibility through electronic prescribing, in-store digital touchscreens and automated dispensing for timely and accurate fulfillment.

Blackcreek worked with Daily Dose to conceptualize, deliver and successfully launch their marketing website. Our team worked together to create a seamless experience that educates the user on how simple it is to get your prescriptions, enhancing the idea of “pharmacy made simple”.

What we did

Strategy, User Experience Design, Creative & Visual Design, Branding, Web Development

The Story

Creating hierarchy of
information that’s easy
to digest

Daily Dose aims to take away all the pain involved in the process of taking multiple medications and make everything much simpler for its customers. The challenge here was to create an extremely simple and easy to navigate marketing page while also providing enough information and content for the end user. Essentially, creating a gateway to show how easy it is to get your prescriptions, the idea of “pharmacy made simple.”


The Approach

Developing an efficient pharmaceutical experience

Medication adherence is one of the top issues in the pharmaceutical industry today, with more than 50% of people reporting some form of non-adherence. This problem is exacerbated by complicated medication regimens and the limitations of walk-in pharmacies. Our goal was to use straightforward messaging, empowering images, and clear calls to action to bring the concept of “pharmacy made simple” to reality.

Low fidelity wireframes


Living & Breathing the
Core Values

Traits that we determined were associated with the brand were trustworthiness, transparency, and caring. The goal for the brand would be to convey authority, reliability, and integrity. Elderly patients, children of elderly parents, and caregivers should all feel that Daily Dose is a company that truly cares about them and can be trusted to always provide them with medications.

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Establishing the demographic

Elderly patients, children of elderly parents, and caregivers were the starting personas for Daily Dose. The elderly patient persona is someone who has a lot of medications (4-5 refillable prescriptions) or have persistent conditions such as heart disease and diabetes.

Designing for healthcare? We created a handy guide that will help aspiring designers, and anyone interested in the industry, design with healthcare practices in mind.

Creative & UI

Exploring Branding

For high fidelity designs we began incorporating our chosen fonts and colour palette that emphasized the company’s values: trust, transparency, and caring. Overall clean and simple, lots of white, no very dark or solid colour areas. For colour, blue hues and shades with a touch of teal. Push the idea of trust through colours. For fonts, serif type for titles and large text, sans-serif or serif for smaller body text. Goal was to make it easily readable based on Daily Dose’s target demographic.

DailyDose branding guidelines
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Creating Fast & Flexible Platforms

To create a fast and flexible platform for Daily Dose, we decided to utilize the cloud native content management system (CMS) Contentful paired with a blazing fast progressive web app (PWA with React and Gatsby) frontend. The benefit of this is that Contentful is a “headless” approach to content management compared to the legacy monolithic frameworks while Gatsby is a static PWA generator for React, which ensures instantaneously load times and search engine optimized metadata. The modern framework and associated tooling provide accelerated development timelines by supporting developers with asset pipelines, CSS extensions, and advanced Javascript syntax.

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Clean, simple, and straight forward user experience

Blackcreek helped Daily Dose embrace technology and realize the future of pharmacy through single dose packaging, automatic refills with home delivery, an educational marketing site, and an online portal that empowers patients with real-time access to their medication information.

Overall, we collaborated to design a practical, modern and user friendly pharmaceutical experience. We focused on simplifying the on-boarding process as much as possible, and helping democratize access to medication information for all patients. The overall design is fluid and versatile, keeping visual elements easily recognizable and straight forward.

We are continuing to work with DailyDose to launch a companion eCommerce site for over-the-counter products that will help drive cost savings and improve patient outcomes.

Designs placed in different devices

The TAKEAways

What We Learned Along The Way

Looking back on the project, there's a few important takeaways to note:

01 Working alongside the client, actively listening and understanding what their needs are and what the needs of the users are, is extremely important and should happen at every step of the process

02 Reduce frustration by simplifying the overall flow of information, emphasizing important points, in a way that is easy for the end-user to understand

03 Rapidly prototyping and experimenting with different layouts early on, without getting distracted with fonts and colours, is essential to creating an experience that really focus on the end-user



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