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Our Experts+ plan supports up to 10 Webflow/Shopify tasks that we currently offer as a single-task.

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How does it work?

If it’s a single task, select the task you want completed by an expert. Fill out the requirements, and follow the provided instructions. We’ll be in touch from there.

If you’re on the monthly expert plus+ plan, after payment - you can reach out to us via email ( to get started on your tasks anytime. We’ll follow up with any additional requirements or questions if required.

Can I cancel anytime?

If it’s a single task, you cancel prior to us accepting the task and working on it. If you’re on the monthly expert plus+ plan, you can cancel anytime prior to your next billing cycle.  You can view more on our policies in our Terms of Service.

My task is not on here, do you offer any custom tasks?

For sure, reach out and we’ll be happy to accommodate.

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