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Where are your experts from?

Experts are part of Blackcreek’s agency - we’re a full-service design-led technology consultancy working with forward thinking-thinking brands and businesses. Our team is remote, we recruit from across the world with the majority of our team from Toronto.

How do you access my Shopify store or Webflow site?

For Shopify, we will request Partner Access and for Webflow you may add us as a User. If you cancel the subscription, you are required to remove us from Shopify or Webflow.

Is my information secure and private?

All our experts undergo training and follow strict security and privacy protocols in addition to signing non-disclosure agreements.

Experts Plus - What tasks can I choose?

You can select up to 10 tasks per month from our Webflow and Shopify collection list. We’ll send you a weekly report of your remaining task allotment.

Experts Plus - Will I have a dedicated team?

Your lead success expert may change from time to time, but we’ll ensure the new lead is informed and educated to suit your needs. We will strive to have no service interruptions.

I'm not happy with the service, can I get a refund?

If we did not deliver as per the requirements, notify us immediately at and we’ll strive to resolve any issues. You can also view our full Terms of Service.

What happens if I'm not happy with the deliverables?

It’s important that you clearly define your requirements and acceptance criteria. We will ensure that our deliverables meet those requirements. If it requires any revisions, we’ll strive to accommodate within reason.

Once tasks are completed - they will be pending your approval. Once approved there is a 3 day warranty period if any further issues arise. For more on our warranty, please review our Terms of Service.

How long does it take to complete the task?

It depends on the task and your setup, but each task shows an estimated turnaround time. View the full list of tasks available.

My task is not on here, do you offer any custom tasks?

For sure, reach out and we’ll be happy to accommodate.

Can I cancel anytime?

If it’s a single task, you cancel prior to us accepting the task and working on it. If you’re on the monthly expert plus+ plan, you can cancel anytime prior to your next billing cycle.  You can view more on our policies in our Terms of Service.

How does it work?

If it’s a single task, select the task you want completed by an expert. Fill out the requirements, and follow the provided instructions. We’ll be in touch from there.

If you’re on the monthly expert plus+ plan, after payment - you can reach out to us via email ( to get started on your tasks anytime. We’ll follow up with any additional requirements or questions if required.

Can't find the answer to your question?
Please contact us or send us a message on our live chat and we will get back to you soon!