3 of the Best Membership Site Options for Webflow

July 11, 2020


Amir M

A membership site is a website that visitors can subscribe to — unlocking content, classes, downloads or other forms of content in exchange for a monthly payment.

As you’d imagine, membership sites are a stellar addition to any existing blog and a solid foundation for a new business; providing recurring income every month.

Webflow is one of the quickest ways to build a membership website, thanks to the wide range of no-code membership plugins available. To put this article together, we tried every Webflow membership plugin on the market and picked our favorites. 

The Best Webflow Membership Site Options: MemberSpace

Image by Memberspace

MemberSpace was launched in 2015 to make no-code membership websites possible. Their platform was originally focused on Squarespace and WordPress but has expanded to include virtually any web platform, including Webflow.

The key features of MemberSpace are:

  • Unlimited Members: All plans include support for unlimited members, but they do charge a transaction fee, starting from 4%.
  • Member Plans: You can create free, one-time payment or recurring membership plans, then grant certain plans access to certain content. You can even offer a free trial or charge a sign-up fee.
  • Content Security: Like other membership plugins, web pages on Webflow are protected with Javascript. They offer 3 levels of content security, including simple redirection or redacting page content. If you need full content security, they support locking down content by hosting it on MemberSpace. Read up on their content security here.

We'd recommend MemberSpace for website owners who need to lock down files securely or need a member directory. 

The Best Webflow Membership Site Options: MemberStack

Image by Memberstack

MemberStack is the leader in the membership software market, boasting over 400,000 members and over $5 million in recurring membership revenue earned by MemberStack customers.

The key features of MemberStack are:

  • Unlimited Members: All plans include support for unlimited members. Their transaction fees start from 3%.
  • Member Plans: Their plan functionality is flexible, with support for one-time, recurring or free plans. This flexibility means MemberStack can be adapted to suit virtually any use case, including company intranets, web applications or real-world subscription businesses, like gyms.
  • Content Security: With MemberStack, hidden web pages can be accessed by a technically-savvy non-member. They do not support locking down files by hosting them with Memberstack but say they are working on this functionality. Learn more about their approach to content security here.

We'd recommend MemberStack for website owners who need absolute flexibility and support for more complicated use cases.

The Best Webflow Membership Site Options: Memberful

Image by Memberful

Memberful was acquired by membership platform giant Patreon in 2018. The Memberful platform is focused exclusively on membership websites, which makes it easy to use but not suitable for all use cases. You can read a refreshingly honest summary of these limitations on Memberful's website.

The key features are:

  • Unlimited Members: All plans include support for unlimited members. They offer a free plan with a 10% transaction fee, then 4.9% on other plans —  a little higher than the others in this list.
  • Member Plans: On their free plan, you can create 2 plans and free members are not supported. On their paid plans, you get flexible plans, including support for free members
  • Content Security: On Webflow, your content is protected with Javascript and can be bypassed. 

We'd recommend Memberful for website owners who want a simple solution to protect basic content pages on Webflow. 

Our Recommendation?

The most flexible membership plugin for Webflow is MemberStack. We'd recommend this to most aspiring membership website owners unless you need to protect confidential or sensitive content. These users should explore MemberSpace instead.

If you are looking to build a membership website, we'd love to help. Get in touch for a no-obligation quotation, or if you just want to chat about which membership solution is best for your needs, then that’s fine too!