8 UX Design Practices To Increase Nonprofit Donations

January 3, 2020


Ariana M

As a nonprofit the goal is to drive revenue growth with an improved user experience delivering more donor centric experience across both web and mobile devices.

Your nonprofit  website shouldn’t be about just having a payment portal to get donations, but it should enable your holistic fundraising strategy. Your website needs to convey the why and the purpose behind your cause. It’s about designing a seamless donor experience that drive up conversions.

Not only have we studied the top nonprofit websites across the globe, but we’ve also designed for them. It’s important to consider adopting the best human-centred design practices for your nonprofit

Below are some of our recommendations for Nonprofits:

1. Easy to find "Donate" call to action

Users should be able to find the "donate" button within a couple of seconds of the page loading. This button should be part of the top navigation and eye-catching enough to immediately draw grab the user's attention.

2. Call to actions should be clear and placed throughout the website

Clear call to action to donate should be placed throughout the website. Users should be inspired to make an impact.

3. Directly link to the donation process

Users should be taken directly to the donation form upon clicking the donate button. Additional steps in between will lower conversion rates. Links can be included to provide users with information about other ways to give.

4. Optimize for mobile

All pages should be mobile friendly. Many donations will be coming from users using their mobile devices, thus it's important that the donation process is user-friendly and engaging at all screen sizes.  

5. Include a compelling "Why"

The donation page shouldn't just feel like a payment processing form. It should remind people about the impact of their donation on the organization. This compelling "why" should come from understanding your potential donor's motivations.

6. Pre-select and provide donation amounts

The donation amounts should stand out on the page and there should be no distractions around this section. Pre-selecting a donation amount leverages a marketing strategy called "anchoring", this causes people to give closer to the anchored value than they otherwise might have.

7. Remove other distractions from the page

The donation page should be clear of distractions. It is best to hide the navigation, employ a simple footer design, eliminate any unnecessary links. Extra links and imagery can potentially distract users and take them elsewhere on the website.

8. Simple donation form

The donation form should be painless for the user. Avoid asking for unnecessary information and use only the necessary fields. If possible, limit the form to one page to create a simple and straightforward donor experience. The easier the process, the more likely the user will complete the donation process.

If you take these best practices into consideration and adopt them, you will deliver a world-class customer journey that will improve awareness and enable donors to engage with your foundation.