How to Add Gifting Wrapping Options to Your Shopify Store

July 18, 2020


Amir M

Adding gift wrapping to your Shopify store is a great way to drive additional revenue, either through charging for gift wrapping or by encouraging more gift purchases.

You can add gift wrapping options by adding some Javascript to your theme, or by installing an app from the Shopify App Store.

How to add gift wrapping to Shopify: DIY with Custom Code

To add gift wrap options to your existing theme, you'll need to be comfortable with editing Shopify liquid templates and copying a bit of Javascript.

These instructions will only work on sectioned themes, which generally means a theme released after October 2016. To check, go to your theme options and click 'Customize'. If you see 'Sections' in the top left sidebar, your theme is sectioned.

Lost already? Code not for you? Choose one of our app recommendations below!

  1. Create a gift wrap product. If you want gift wrapping to be free, set the price of your gift wrap product to be 0.
  2. Next, we need the Shopify product ID. To find this, open your gift wrap product in your Shopify admin and look at the page URL (/admin/products/99999999). The long number at the end is your product ID. Keep this handy, as we'll need it later!
  3. From the Shopify admin, go to Online Store > Themes then click Actions > Edit code
  4. To make our code work, we need jQuery. If you know your theme already supports jQuery, go ahead and continue. Otherwise, we’ll need to add it.
  5. Find the closing </head> tag in your theme. Just above it, paste the code below:

    {{ '//' | script_tag }}

  6. Save the file.

In the next section, we'll add the gifting options to your cart page:

  1. From the Shopify admin, go to Online Store > Themes
  2. Find the theme you want to edit, and then click Actions > Edit code
  3. Find your cart template file. For 'Debut' this is called cart-template.liquid
  4. Within this file, find where you want the gifting options to appear. For 'Debut' this is around line 230. Copy the code from here, replacing insert_product_id in the Javascript with your product ID from earlier on.
  5. Edit this HTML to add your own design or custom cart attributes.

How to add gift wrapping to Shopify: Gift Wrapping Apps

To put this article together, we tried every gift wrap app on the Shopify App Store and picked our favorites:

1. Gift Wrap Plus by

A flexible and fully-featured app with a restricted free plan to help you get started. On their paid plans, you can offer a range of gift wrapping options at the checkout or on individual product pages. It can be installed instantly on most themes, but they do offer onboarding assistance if required.

2. One Click Upsell by

More than just a gift wrapping app, this flexible app works for all kinds of upsells. Setup is simple and instant for most themes, with assistance available. Their plans start from $4.99 p/month for 10 upsells p/month. Stores with more than 50 upsell opportunities a month will need their 'prime' plan, which offers unlimited usage for $49.99 p/month.

3. Bold Upsells by Bold Commerce

This app focuses on upsells, but can be easily adapted to offer gift wrap by following the instructions here. As Bold Commerce is one of the leading Shopify App providers, you get excellent support and integrations with Bold Brain, which provides 'smart' product recommendations automatically.

Our recommendation for Shopify gift wrapping?

For the tech-savvy, the custom code approach is flexible, free, and allows you to add as many cart attributes as you need. If you aren't comfortable with code, Bold Upsells is a great and flexible choice, with excellent product support.

If you are looking to grow your Shopify store, we'd love to help. Get in touch for a no-obligation quotation, or if you just need advice on what is possible with Shopify.