Inspiring Webflow Examples: 4 Amazing Websites Built on Webflow

June 8, 2020


Amir M

Inspiring Webflow Examples: 4 Amazing Websites Built on Webflow

Webflow is a pretty amazing tool.

While it’s true that website builders are nothing new, Webflow has almost redefined what these platforms can do. Webflow is built to enable total freedom of design, without being limited to those who have coding skills. That’s the reason it’s known as a ‘no-code’ platform.

You map out what you want, and Webflow writes the code on your behalf. Simple, right?

But great design doesn’t always come easy, so, to help get those creative juices flowing, we’ve picked out 4 websites which showcase what Webflow can help you do.

SAAS Product Webflow Examples:

Software as a Service really is the perfect fit for Webflow. After all, it’s a SaaS product itself!

If you’re looking for an excellent example, just check out

This one’s kind of a twofer, because not only is the website built with Webflow, the SaaS product is actually a no-code membership app itself. It’s also a very slick example of what’s possible with Webflow.

Agency and Freelancer Webflow Examples:

Having an impactful website is essential when you work in the creative industries.

That doesn’t mean it needs to be loud, garish, or over-the-top though — simply that it’s memorable and engaging, like creative freelancer, Jomor’s, site,

Leveraging Webflow’s animation system to full effect, this site showcases just how creative and downright fluid Webflow-powered creations can be. Playful use of interactivity transforms this from a selling website to more of an experience — and that’s critical to modern digital brands.

Portfolio Webflow Examples:

If you work in any kind of visual sector, your website needs to show your work in the very best light.

An website designer, Aaron Grieve, achieves this perfectly with his website Powered, naturally, by Webflow, this portfolio design uses 3D transform and interaction features to create something that feels very organic.

Even better, Webflow allows for a very natural progression from landing on the site into the portfolio itself. That’s the real magic of Webflow.

Job Board Webflow Examples:

Static websites are one of Webflow’s biggest strengths, but it doesn’t end there.

In fact, with a little creativity, Webflow can be used to build bonafide web apps, like the job board at

Combining the unmistakable fluidity of Webflow’s front-end with the lightweight, fast experience of its back-end, this site’s USP is that its database is powered by Webflow, too. That’s right: no APIs or external sources are used to populate the site with jobs — it’s all done right in Webflow. Pretty cool, huh?

Ready, Set, Create

As you can see from these examples, Webflow really does offer almost limitless design potential. Of course, if you’re still feeling stuck for inspiration, the Blackcreek team is always here to help.

Our design-led philosophy means we’re always bubbling with ideas, ready to maximize your brand communication. Get in touch today to see how we could help.